Tilea is made up of a number of city states ruled by wealthy Merchant Princes, who constantly bicker among themselves. Some are Republics, such as the Republic of Remas.

Tilea is also home to mercenaries of many races, men being the most common, but also Dwarfs, High Elves and Ogres are employed in the armies of the Merchant Princes.

The City States

  • The Rebellious Republic Of Remas, located between Miragliano in the north and Luccini in the south on the western coast of the Tilean pensulina.
  • The Ancient Principality of Luccini, located on the southern end of the Tilean pensulina.
  • The Turbulent Principality of Trantio, located inland of Tilea and known to be an arch rival of Pavona as well for his Prince, Marco Colombo.
  • The Perfidious Principality of Parvona, located inland of Tilea and known for his double-crossing politics
  • The Serene Republic of Verezzo, located inland of Tilea and a little more democratic then that of Remas.
  • The Decadent Pirate Principality of Sartosa, located on a island south to the Tilean pensulina.
  • The Once-Mighty Principality of Miragliano, located near to the Blighted Marshes in the north east of Tilea.
  • The Tormented Principality of Tobaro, located on cliffs in the north east of the Estalian peninsula.


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