The Imperial Pantheon

Sigmaris a mortal king who ascended to divinity after uniting the primitive tribes of the central Old World into an Empire. He is the patron god of the Empire, and widely worshipped in that nation, but rarely worshiped outside its boundaries.

Ulric is the god of winter, wolves, and battle. He is brother of Taal and Rhya, and the original patron of the mortal Emperor Sigmar. He is the tutelar God of the tribe of the Teutogens, and mostly worshiped in the north of the Empire.

Myrmidia is the goddess of warfare, warcraft, and soldiers, and an important goddess of Estalia and Tilea. Worship of this goddess is spreading and she is becoming popular with middle-class professional soldiery of the Empire.

Taal and Rhya represent nature and agriculture. They are brother and sister of, or as part of a trinity with, Ulric.

Manann is the god of the sea.

Morr is the god of death and dreams. He seems to be part of a group of southern gods, with his wife, Verena, and their children.

Verena is the goddess of justice and learning, and by extension academia and administration.

Shallya is the goddess of mercy and healing, and directly interested in doing good and promoting weak, unusual for the generally grim and harsh Old World. She is the daughter of Morr and Verena, and sister of Myrmidia.

Ranald is the trickster god of trade, crime, and deception.

The Imperial Pantheon

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