Araby is a realm of men to the south of the Old World bordering the Land of the Dead, Nehekhara.

Araby’s sultans are said to be more wealthy than Dwarfs and its cities rich in spices, gold and slaves which are traded with the Empire and Norsca. The principle cities of Araby are: Lashiek – Corsair city; Copher – the Spirit Port; Martek; and Al-Haikk – the City of Thieves. The cities are nestled on the coast of the continent, the centre being dominated by the Great Desert of Araby where nomads dwell.

The early years of Araby’s history is not well documented, but it is known that it suffered invasions from the Land of the Dead after the fall of the Khemri civilization at the hands of Nagash.

In the Imperial year 1448 the skaven convinced Sultan Jaffar, a powerful sorcerer, to invade Estalia, sparking 200 years of conflict and crusades between the Old World and Araby, and initiating the foundation of the Imperial Knights Panther (among other knightly orders).


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