The Paths of the Damned

Session 2- Travelling to Middenheim
The Journey to Middenheim

Our Party of Intrepid adventurers leave Untergard and continue traveling to Middenheim, meeting some interesting people along the way

After Gerard Schiller (Captain) made the announcement that they’d be leaving the village behind Aurora asked Hans Baumer if he would take the elf to see the band of beastmen. Both the elf and forester left the village and headed into the Drakwald. After several hours of traveling the forester and kithband where able to get a good look at the encamped beastman threat; there could be no doubt, the village would be overrun if it tried to stand against these monsters. Aurora decided that he’d seen enough and the duo made their way back to the village; arriving just after dark.

Meanwhile the rest of the group where dining with the Captain and the Priest Father Dietrich. As the priest introduced himself, it was evident that he was not local as he spoke with a soft Altdorfain accent. The conversation over dinner was mostly business, with both Leala and Ragnor offered to take a guard duty. Aurora arrived towards the end of dinner and relaid most of what he’d seen to the Captain; who promptly retired saying that he had preparations to finish.

Session 1- Untergard
The Beginning

Our story is the tale of 9 individuals. Refugees fleeing the descending hordes of Chaos. Desperately in search for a safe haven the group finds one in a small village called Untergard…

7th of Sigmarzeit 2522

Our Heroes go by the following names; Alfred Von Bark, Otto, Ragnar Urgrimson, Larak, Leala Grenzmann, Aurora, and Cavindel

The gates of Untergard opened and a rag-tag group entered the village. The morning sun revealing that the village had stood through troubled times, it seemed that not one building stood undamaged. The rubble strewn streets where strangely vacant, and the group soon became aware that most of the populous where gathered in the village square.

Upon entering the plaza it became obvious that the villagers where expecting an important speech- only a cursory glace was given to the newcomers and all eyes where turned back to a crate lying in a clearing at the top of the plaza. The villagers hushed chatter quickly ceased as an older man stepped up on to the box and cleared his throat to speak. The speaker stood with an air of authority, and despite his advancing years and white beard he looked very capable.


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