Uto Woldred


Uto Woldred

(Male Human Thief)

Birthday: 25th Ulriczeit (11th Month)


Ostland, a wild and inhospitable region of the Empire where the men are considered to be some of the toughest in the empire. It was in a small village named Smallhof that you lived for most of your life and you hated it. In your opinion most of your fellow villagers where bull-headed and stupid; they didn’t even notice the trinkets that you filched. Perhaps it was just as well for if you where caught you’d have been beaten within an inch of your life.

You decided very early in your life that you didn’t want to follow the heredity career of your family; you didn’t want to become a soldier. For countless generations the men of the Woldred family had been warriors; and where did it get them? Nowhere. Your own father lost his right leg in some forgotten conflict despite this he still spoke of the glory and honour of serving your Emperor, your thuggish brother Bruno had lapped it up, but not you. You could see through the false glory.

Your light fingers almost got you into trouble several times and you where certain that the grouchy old priest of Ulric had a good idea that you where stealing from his congregation. Perhaps it was time to find fresh game. You set off a week later to the nearby city of Middenheim. Perhaps here you could practise your trade and make some real money. Enough to buy you passage out of the feral frozen North and into the southern lands, into a life of luxury.

You left Ostland just in time as Archaon’s hordes ran over the land. It’s said that hundreds of servants of Chaos died for every one Ostlander, perhaps this is just a rumour; although one thing is certain the battle for Ostland was hard fought, and despite the fact a couple of the towns where sacked the land was regained. It is probably just as well you weren’t around… you might have been drafted!


Lupus Woldred, Father (Human Soldier)

Olga Woldred, Mother (Human Peasant)

Bruno Woldred, Elder Brother (Human Soldier)

Uto Woldred

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