Ragnar Urgrimson


Ragnar Urgrimson

(Male, Dwarf Shieldbreaker)


Karaz-a-Karak, your home. Over the last few weeks you’ve wondered what your still doing here in the Human’s Empire. You where one of the Dwarves sent to aid the Humans in the defence of their homeland against the incursions of Chaos. You joined the Dwarven army as a Shieldbreaker like your father and your father’s father before you. Shieldbreakers are elite dwarven soldier who fight deep underground, and your regiment’s mission was to protect the tunnels underneath Middenheim from attack by beasts of chaos. A job which you done very well until the breaking of the siege.

Since the Breaking of the siege you’ve spent time roaming the local area helping to destroy many of the invaders. The humans that you’ve met so far have keep your interest for long enough so you don’t get bored. The only problem being that they cannot quaff as much Ale as you can before falling over.

You have no family back home waiting for you; your Mother and Father where both killed by greenskins and you brother passed away in the Siege of Middenheim. It was for this reason that you decided to explore and make your fortune.


Urgrim Nargondson, Father (Deceased, Dwarven Shieldbreaker)

Karin Nargondson, Mother (Deceased, Dwarven Scribe)

Garil Urgrimson, Brother (Deceased, Dwarven Soldier)

Ragnar Urgrimson

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