Otto Von Diesel


Otto Von Diesel

(Male Human Apprentice Wizard)

Birthday: 4th of Vorhexen (12th Month)

Background Once, long ago, you called you Salzenmund in Nordland home but that ended the night of your 16th birthday.

Your early years where far from easy, you where discovered one bitter winter night by a priest of Sigmar. The priest discovered you in the ruins of a wagon lying next to the bodies of your parents. It seemed that you’re parent’s had been travelling when they’d been attacked by creatures of Chaos. The priest took you to Salzenmund where you were adopted by the local temple.

Seeing within you a natural intelligence the priests of Salzenmind taught you to read and write and then began your schooling, hoping that one day you’d join them as a brother priest. Ultimately it was not to be.

It was around your 10th birthday that you first discovered that you had a gift, you could sometimes predict things before they happened, and you noticed that when you where angry objects around you would rattle slightly. Over the years you noticed it occurring more frequently, and you began to think that it was a gift given to you by Sigmar. You started to practise the miraculous prayers that you’d seen older initiates perform but strangely they were never answered. Becoming frustrated you threw yourself into the one thing you knew you were good at- your studies.

Around 14 you discovered a peculiar book in the library. A book that had long been forgotten by the Brother Librarian. A book filled with weird incantations, rituals and diagrams. A book, as you’d later learn, of magic.

Your initial exploration of the book didn’t result in any success however one day that changed. On your 16th birthday, successfully cast your first spell. The years of pent up frustration coupled with teenage angst proved to be the key to unlocking your magical potential and you summoned a small flame. You where exultant and almost at once became intoxicated at your success, for a moment you wavered and then disaster struck- the surrounding books caught fire and within minutes the entire library was burning. As you fled through the streets shouts and cries went up around you, as the citizens rouse themselves to attack the fire.

For the second time in your life you where no your own, in the wilderness. Winter had long set in and in your panicked flight you’d not grabbed any supplies or winter clothes worse yet you’d left the book smouldering in the library. Embarrassed, frightened and alone you stumbled along icy roads, never once entering villages mortally afraid that someone had witnessed your actions and had brand you a witch. On the four day of your flight tiredness, exhaustion and starvation got the better of you and you collapsed on the road.

When you awoke you found yourself in a cosy bed beside a warm fire. For the second time in your life a kindly stranger had came across your frozen body in the winter landscape and saved you. Your savour was Master Walbrecht, a Master Wizard of the Grey order. Over the next few years you journey with Master Walbrecht and learned all that he taught you, finally finding a way to control and use your gift.

Just before the Storm of Chaos Walbrecht summoned you and explained that there was more to wizardry than studying dust tomes in a library. Walbrecht sent you into the world to gain more experience with the instruction to return to him in Altdorf when you where ready to become a Journeyman.


Orphan- adopted by the Temple of Sigmar. Master Walbrecht- Master Wizard of the Grey Order, currently resides in Altdorf.

Otto Von Diesel

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