Lanos Shadowstar


Lanos Shadowstar

(Male Elf Entertainer)

Birthday: 3rd Vorgeheim (6th Month)


You were born in the Elven kingdom of Laurelorn the beautiful forest realm where even to this day your heart belongs. Your mother is an extremely talented floret and you inherited some of her ability. Your Father was an envoy to the human realm known as the Empire because of this you ended up spending most of your life in human company. When your older brother reached the age of maturity he elected to leave the human kingdom and return to Laurelorn.

You stayed with your parents, until 6 years ago when your father was bid to return to the hallowed trees of your homeland. Despite the urge to return home you decided to stay. The affairs of humans where of some interest to you, and they often paid well for your skills in entertaining. Life here was more interesting. Saying farewell and promising to return home someday you left your parents and started your exploration of the human lands.

You found life as a travelling mistral an interesting one, often revelling and enjoying yourself when you where paid. Even when low on funds, you could always play in an inn in exchange for some food and a roof for the night. Life was good. But all that changed when the storm of Chaos struck.

You’d been travelling in the northern lands when the first soldiers marched, you suddenly found yourself caught up in the fighting and had to wield a sword for the first time. You attached yourself to a group of refugees and headed to the nearest village, which just so happened to be Untergard.


Tabirel Hawkwind, Father (Elf Envoy)

Ithbrier Hawkwind, Mother (Elf Entertainer)

Laesdhil Hawkwind, Brother (Elf hunter)

Lanos Shadowstar

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