Granny Moescher


Granny is the oldest living inhabitant of Untergard and serves as a healer and general wise-woman for the town. She appear to be around 60 years old. No one in the town can remember a time when Granny was not around.

Granny Moescher is leading efforts to restart farming and create some sort of normal life again. Despite her title, Granny is a vigorous woman with a no-nonsense manner and an eye for practicalities. She is one of the only people who live outside the town walls. Local gossip speaks to Gerard Schiller (Captain) trying several time to get her to move to the centre of town, but she has none of it each time refusing to leave her home.

Among other thing granny has been instrumental in seeing that the orphans left by the attack are looked after; she has farmed several of them out to surviving families, and at any time there will be a number of orphans living in her house and helping out with the chores.

Granny Moescher

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