Father Dietrich

Untergard's new priest


Father Dietrich was sent from Altdorf to guide the masses when Untergard’s town priest was killed during the Storm of Chaos. As the only non-local, he has yet to make a place for himself among the townsfolk, but as a Priest of Sigmar, he is treated with respect, if not warmth. Most people prefer to go to Granny Moescher with their problems.

Untergard’s temple was destroyed along with the rest of the eastern half of the town, but Father Dietrich has established a makeshift shrine close to the western end of the bridge, where he conducts his services. The most educated person in the two, he also serves as an adviser to Gerard Schiller (Captain) on spiritual and magical matters. Father Dietrich tends to be humourless, but he is honest, forthright, and extremely devoted to both Sigmar and the Empire.

Father Dietrich

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