Claudio Carbonetti


Claudio is ladies man and carries himself with an air of sophistication. He’s a fopp and dandy who keeps up to date with all the latest fashions and spends a considerable time getting ready in the morning. Claudio’s appearance has duped several people into thinking that he is no use in a fight but this can’t be further from the truth. Claudio is an expert with both a rapier and a foil.

Claudio is really a vicious and evil man, who people would do well not to cross. He comes from a infamous Miragliano crime family. He hold grudges and has the ability to back threats up.

The Party first met Claudio in Middenheim, when together with an old friend and enforce, Paolo Gentile, he was attempting to set up a branch of the ‘family business’ up in Middenheim. The Party set this operation back when they broke into his hide-out to free a kidnapping victim. Unfortunately the boy was killed in the rescue attempt and Claudio was able to escape, but not before [[Aurora]] removed one of the would be crime-lords ears with a well placed arrow. Rumours now speak of Claudio seeking revenge against the Elf.

Claudio Carbonetti

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