Aurora Surebow


Aurora Surebow

(Male Elf Kithband)

Birthday: 28th Kaldezeit (10th Month)


Your family originally came from the Great Forest, a large forest covering much of the Empire. It is amongst these trees you feel happiest. In your father’s youth the Great Forest was threatened and he and your mother took up sword and bow to defend them. Your father stalked the chaos-tainted abominations that threatened his home, he was a member of the Kithband- an elite group of elves who specialise in killing the beastmen and other dark creatures that threatened their home. Your mother was attached to his unit, delivering vital messages from the Elven generals to their elite warriors. It was only natural that you’d follow in your parents foots steps.

Your youth was spend amidst the trees, learning how to hunter, stalk and move silently under in the forest. When you came of age you joined the Kithband, and defended your home.

Then the storm of Chaos broke, and from the north came legions of foul creatures. The Humans of the Empire where sorely pressed and the Elven generals realised that should the humans fall, the elves would be next. So the armies marched, and you and your parents joined them.

At first the war went poorly, the forces of Chaos being too numerous and strong. They rampaged the north and burned villages to the ground- then they arrived at the gates of Middenheim. Despite their superior numbers and tainted magic the forces of Chaos could not sack the city, but neither could the force within the city drive away the besiegers. The Generals at once sent a group of their finest to aid in breaking the siege, your parents sallied forth but you where destined to stay behind.

The generals feared attack from the vanguard of the Chaos army, they feared that such an attack would cut off the supply link and undermine the entire war. So you where chosen to stay behind and help in the defence.

The news of your parent’s death came 10 days after they left to break the siege. A particularly brutal Beastman warlord caught your mother in no-man’s land. Your mother’s death was not quick of pleasant. They said that your father heard her cries and rushed at once to his wife’s aid. The battle between your father and the beastman was long, those that seen it sung of his bravery but ultimately the warlord proved to be too much of a challenge and your father fell to his axe.

You immediately approached the generals and asked for their permission to travel to Middenheim in search of revenge. After much debating the generals granted your request but sadly before you arrived at the city the siege was lifted and the chaos forces scattered.

After you talked to those who witnessed your father’s death you realised that you were out matched and confronting the brute just now would only lead to your death. You also learned the bastards name- Gorthor Darkgrave.


Glorronbrin Surebow, Father (Deceased, Elf Kithband Warrior)

Celranleath Surebow, Mother (Deceased, Elf Messenger)

Aurora Surebow

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