Alfred Von Bark


Alfred Von Bark

(Male Human Barber Surgeon)

Birthday: 1st Jardrung (2nd Month)


You where born in Fortenhaf in the rural Ostermark. Both your father and mother where healers, your father a Barber-surgeon and your mother an herbalist. You can still remember a little about your mother, although she died when you where very young, giving birth to your youngest sister. Your family was devastated by your mothers dead, especially your father. It took a couple of years from him to recover and become a father again.

Other than your mothers dead, your childhood was happy. You spent a lot of time with your twin brother Rein and your youngest sister Adel. Then the day came when you learned that Adel could manipulate the winds of magic. Your father decided to hush this up, he realised that he could not allow his daughter to be ignorant of her abilities, that would only spell disaster, instead he’d have to send her to Altdorf to the Colleges of Magic. You can still remember that sad day over 10 years ago when you seen your sister for the last time.

You followed your father’s footsteps in life and became a Barber-surgeon. He taught you everything that he knew. After your long apprenticeship you realised that Fortenhaf wasn’t large enough to accommodate two healers and you packed your bag and set off to make a living else where.

When the Storm of Chaos broke it became obvious that your talents where needed to the north where the Emperors armies where based. You never made it to the army before the invasion began, instead you where forced to going a train of refugees in Middenland.


Conrad Von Bark, Father (Human Barber Surgeon)

Adel Von Bark, Mother (Deceased, Human Herbalist)

Rosie Von Bark, Elder Sister (Human Noble)

Goswin Von Bark, Eldest Brother (Human Farmer)

Rein Von Bark, Twin Brother (Human Woodsman)

Meinolf Von Bark, Younger Brother (Human Militiaman)

Adel Von Bark, Youngest Sister (Human Wizards Apprentice)

Alfred Von Bark

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