The Paths of the Damned

The Story this far

A summary of the tale of our adventurers

The Storm of Chaos: a time when forces of the Chaos Gods pillaged and looted the Empire before being turned back by the gallant forces of the Empire.

Our tale begins with the party taking refuge in the village of Untergard . Untegard lies in the region of the Empire known as Middenland, an area ravaged by the war. The party quickly learned of a Beastman war band approaching the village and decided to throw in their lot with the villagers and accompanied them to Middenheim. On the journey they got the opportunity to get to know several of their travelling companions including Captain Schiller, the upstanding leader of the village, Granny Moescher, a local healer and well respected wise woman, and Father Dietrich and a priest of Sigmar who carried a sacred icon of Sigmar with him. Later in the journey Father Dietrich was killed, and as a last request he asked the party to return the relic to the Temple of Sigmar in Middenheim.

The party also learnt the story of the founding of Untergard. Around a century ago Graf Sternhauer violently evicted an entire village when they failed to pay extremely high taxes. Several villagers died during the eviction including Granny Moescher’s father. Granny sought revenge for the killing and lfeft the villagers, journeying to ruins of the village Sternhauer cleared. Granny started an incantation which Otto Von Diesel identified as a spell designed to kill the current Graf. The party intervened and Granny was slain in an attempt to stop her from murdering the Graf.

Several days later the refugees arrived in the city of Middenheim and the party delivered the relic to Father Morten, a scholarly priest in the Temple. Anxious for paid work, the party took a job from Alphonse Hercules de Gasgoigne, the job was to rescue a kidnapped boy. During the fight the boy died, and the kidnapper, Claudio Carbonetti, escaped (but not before Aurora took his ear off)

Not long after this the party was take in for questioning by the City Watch. Commander Schutzmann informed the party that Father Morten had been discovered dead, and they where the last people to see him alive, as after their meeting with him he locked himself in his room to study the newly acquired relic. Eventually Schutzmann revealed that he didn’t suspect that the party was responsible for the death of the priest and drafted the party into the investigation. When the party searched Father Morten’s dwellings they found that he’d been killed by a magically poisoned black dart, they also found scratches on the windowsill and a foot print outside the window- although the footprint couldn’t be properly identified.

Taking the evidence back to the Commander they were informed of 3 similar murders. The first was a watchman on duty outside the Collegium Theologica. His death occurred on the same night as Morten’s murder. The Second was a doorkeeper at the Dwarven Engineer’s guide; here entry had been forced and only one object was missing- a map of the sewers. The third death was the most unusual, an unidenitied victim found in a back alleyway. The party visited Morr’s garden where they discovered the identity of the third victim as Gerhard Kroen and also that three men had approached the priests of Morr and paid for a funeral. Carved on Froen’s gravestone was the symbol of a crossed sword & hammer in front of a twin tailed comet flanked by the letters O and F.

Having run out leads the party made ready to enter the sewers close to the Collegium Theologica…



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