The Paths of the Damned

Session 6- The Kidnappers Escape

The Party attempts to stop Claudio from escaping and despite heroic efforts fail.

15th of Signmarzeit 2522

Cavindel moved back to the door blocking Claudio, the Kidnapper’s ringleader, in the small room. Claudio then charged the two elves holding the door (Cavindel and Lanos)and thrust his rapier through Cavindel’s right arm and found it firmly lodged their. Meanwhile Uto Woldred was struggling against the lone thug on the landing failing to land a blow while taking one in the process.

Downstairs the tide was beginning to turn in the heroes favour, with Leala Grenzhann dropping a kidnapper, and moving on to the tougher kidnapper who’d been armed with the Blunderbuss.

Upstairs Claudio’s fighting style was beyond Cavindel and Lanos and both fell to his blades. Despite the fact both where severely wounded, neither actually died; Claudio’s blades missed the vital organs at the critical second. Uto Woldred was struggling against the lone kidnapper and took a heavy hit to the head by a club and fell like a lead weight. Seeing this as their moment to escape, both Claudio and the second kidnapper turned tails and fled downstairs (where everyone was busy fighting) and into the streets.

Before Claudio had fully disappeared from sight, Aurora had managed to get onto the roof and released a single arrow. The arrow soared through the air and severed Claudio’s ear.

With the Kidnappers dead or fleeing and their ward lying dead the party decided it would probably be a good idea to exit the scene quickly. They made their way back to the Scholars where they spent the rest of the night resting.

XP Gained: 65 (+20 for roleplaying i.e. players in attendance)



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