The Paths of the Damned

Session 5- The Kidnapping

"The best plans of men and mice often go awry"

15th of Sigmarzeit 2522

After staying the night in the Altquarter casing the Estalian’s joint the party had a good idea of the number of kidnappers and drew up a rough routine. The party then spend most of the morning drafting up a plan, despite the arguing they where finally ready to move.

The basic plan was to have stealthy heroes climb onto the roof of the building and wait for one of the kidnappers to leave to get food. Once the kidnapper left, the rest of the party would try and break through the front door while the people on the roof would enter the building through a skylight.

Uto Woldred, Aurora, Cavindel, and Lanos climbed to the roof of the building- although attracted the attention of on of the guards who took a look in the attic to see what the noise was but luckily didn’t see the heroes perched on the roof.

As a kidnapper left to collect food, the rest of the party grabbed a large heavy beam and started to break the door down, rousing the kidnappers inside. Simultaneously the heroes on the roof started to make their way into the attic, but found that the ladders had been removed from to the attic.

As the front door was smashed opened Alfred Von Bark, Leala Grenzhann, Otto Von Diesel, Ragnar Urgrimson made their way into the buidling- only to be shot by a blunderbuss. The party scattered several jumping outside so not to be hit by flying shrapnel. Rallying they charged through the building fighting the kidnappers.

Now, while the door was being broken opened, the leader of the kidnappers Claudio Carbonetti, had made his way upstairs to Sigmismund, seeing the kidnapper grab a hold of the boy, the group in the attic started to lower themselves down, until Cavindel decided that this was taking to long, and jumped down- right on top of Uto and Lanos. The three went down in a heap, and by the time they’d untangled themselves the kidnappers on the first floor had managed to organize a defense.

Aurora ripped up some floor boards, and took aim at Claudio who was holding the young kidnapping victim in front of him as a shield. Claudio threatened to kill the boy unless he was allowed to leave. A brief parley was entered which ended in Aurora hitting Claudio with an arrow and Claudio killing young Sigmismund.

XP Gained: 20



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