The Paths of the Damned

Session 4- Middenheim

After the Drama of the journey, the Heroes arrive at the gates of Middenhiem.

11th-13th of Sigmarzeit 2522 (Days 4-6)

Despite Granny’s death the people of Untergard continued on their journey to Middenheim. With the group once more on well patrolled roads the remaining 3 days of traveling where surprisingly easy.

On 13th of Sigmarzeit the walled city of Middenheim, perched upon a mountain of solid rock came could be easily spotted in the distance.

14th of Sigmarzeit 2522

As the heroes approached the city, the toll of war was obvious. Several bodies still hung from the ropes they attempted to scale the walls with, and grave diggers where burying and burning bodies en mass.

The guards spoke at length with Captain Schiller and directed the people of Untergard to the make shift refugee camp occupying the great park. Schiller pulled the heroes aside, and thanked them for their efforts in protecting the caravan. He offered them space in the refugee camp if they ever required it and reminded them of their morbid duty to Father Dietrich. The party politely refused the Captain’s offer.

The Party took the artifact Father Dietrich had been carrying straight to the Temple of Sigmar, where they where introduced to Father Morten, a scholarly priest who was renowned in academic circles for his knowledge on the antiquities pertaining to Sigmar. The old priest came across as an absent-minded but friendly soul. After a brief examination of the object he revealed that the heroes had brought an ancient and incredibly sacred icon to him. The icon’s carving, he said, dated to the time of Sigmar himself, and the frame was typical of the Dwarven workmanship of the time. Astonished at the find, Father Morten arranged for a finders fee of 25gc each to be paid and retreated back into his room to study the icon. Locking his door behind him

The Heroes headed over to the Scholar’s a quiet inn, seemingly untouched by the war and booked rooms. After getting a warm bath and a filling meal they headed to the city watch headquarters to register their interest in helping. The on duty watch officer took a note of their details and said he’d contact them as soon as anything came up.

As the party left the watch building, they where approached by a halfling, who introduced himself as Alphonse Hercules de Gasgoigne- the worlds greatest detective. The halfling spoke in a thick Bretonnian accent as he explained that he’d heard the group enquire about work, as luck would have it he was currently looking for a group of upstanding citizen to help him rescue a hostage from a vile group of Estalians. Alphonse explained that the victim was Sigismund Orteli, the son of a local merchant. Alphonse offered the players 100 gold crowns if they helped rescue the boy unharmed, 50 if the boy is hut and nothing if he dies. Hard up the group agreed, and Alphonse lead them to a house in the slums of the Altquarter.

XP gained: 80



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