The Paths of the Damned

Session 2- Travelling to Middenheim

The Journey to Middenheim

Our Party of Intrepid adventurers leave Untergard and continue traveling to Middenheim, meeting some interesting people along the way

After Gerard Schiller (Captain) made the announcement that they’d be leaving the village behind Aurora asked Hans Baumer if he would take the elf to see the band of beastmen. Both the elf and forester left the village and headed into the Drakwald. After several hours of traveling the forester and kithband where able to get a good look at the encamped beastman threat; there could be no doubt, the village would be overrun if it tried to stand against these monsters. Aurora decided that he’d seen enough and the duo made their way back to the village; arriving just after dark.

Meanwhile the rest of the group where dining with the Captain and the Priest Father Dietrich. As the priest introduced himself, it was evident that he was not local as he spoke with a soft Altdorfain accent. The conversation over dinner was mostly business, with both Leala and Ragnor offered to take a guard duty. Aurora arrived towards the end of dinner and relaid most of what he’d seen to the Captain; who promptly retired saying that he had preparations to finish.

8th of Sigmarziet 2522 (Day 1)

Dawn broke in Untergard with the sound of creaking carts, and war weary refugees, The Party quickly got themselves together; Aurora offered to scout ahead, while Leala and Ragnor joined the wagon guards. Otto sat on [[Granny Moescher’s:grannymoescher]] wagon.

The first day passed uneventfully as did the night.

9th of Sigmarziet 2522 (Day 2)

The group kept in the same marching order as the previous day, as so it was Aurora who first came across the village of Grimminhauer. He quickly journeyed down to the village to inform them of the beastman threat approaching. At first the news was met will mild, good humour but at the mention of Untergard the Bailiff scoffed and informed Aurora, in no uncertain terms, that unlike the inhabitants of Untergard, the villagers of Grimminhauer where not Craven and would stand against any invaders. Aurora left with the Bailiff’s words ringing in his ears.

The caravan moved slowly on and made camp that night beside the road. Shortly after dinner it was noticed that Granny was missing. Aurora, Leala, Cavindel, Ragnar and Alfred Von Bark left the camp to find her. Aurora quickly found her trail and tracked Granny to a forest clearing about 10 minutes away. As they entered the clearing they noticed that three cloaked figures where holding bows drawn at Granny. It didn’t take long for Aurora to recognize the trio as fellow Kithband and diffuse the situation. The Elves inquired why one of their kind was traveling with Humans and a Dwarf. Aurora and Cavindel told them of their story and of the approaching Beastmen; at the mention of the horde the Kithband told the group that their superiors must be informed and took their leave.

When Granny was question as to why she was out in the woods, she explained that she had been gathering some herbs to use in her healing poultices.

10th of Sigmarzeit 2522 (Day 3)

Around midday Aurora came across a horrendous scene- a coach had been attacked and its passengers massacred. Aurora was unnerved by the experience, although he managed to hold his nerve long enough to remove the corpses from the path and place them out of sight. After this was done Aurora returned to the caravan to tell the others.

While the caravan was passing by the remains most of the party took the opportunity to examine the wreckage more closely. Despite the warning from Aurora many of the heroes still found this to be a psychologically damaging experience, although some useful information was gained from the wreckage. It seemed that the coach had been traveling from Delberz to Middenheim, and it had been attacked by goblins (Aurora was able to identify the black arrows used as being crafted by goblins). The party also found a usable shield and a quiver full of crossbow bolts; obviously missed by the attackers.

Total XP Gained: 60



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