The Storm is over but the Empire is far from normal…

Archaon’s hordes have retreated back into the Chaos Wastes but the Empire still has a long road to recover. Mutants hide in the forgotten corners of cities, Beastmen roam dark forests and Cults practice dangerous rituals.

It is in this divided world that our adventurers live and it is in this world that they have the opportunity to carve their names into the annuals of history.


I tend to have frequent updates so I won’t post details of them all here. Instead I’ll post any major ones that I make.

25/08/09- Posted the details of a few sessions in the Adventure Log.

27/07/09- It’s been ages since I’ve updated! Oops! I’m currently playing another campaign just now, although we’ll return to this in a few months, so that will give me time to update!



The Paths of the Damned